Hungary continues to be one of the leading nations in Central and Eastern Europe for attracting foreign direct investment. The US is the second largest investor in Hungary, and our lawyers work closely with colleagues in our European and US offices to help clients navigate the complexities facing them in fast paced, competitive, and often highly regulated sectors.

Hungary is also home to the EU Institute of Innovation and Technology, business areas which have expanded rapidly over the last decade. Global organisations also choose the region as a base for their manufacturing facilities.

Pharmaceuticals are one of Hungary’s key sectors, and given our expertise in in life sciences and healthcare, our office here is of strategic importance to our firm and to our clients.

Our office is located in the heart of Budapest, where we provide our national, European and multinational clients with full legal advice across Hungary.

Our office in Budapest

laboratory pipettes
Information technology

Will the patent waiver proposal really help third world countries?

28 May 2021
In-depth analysis

by Zoltán Novák, Ph.D. and Petra Knall

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Pipette adding sample to petri dish

Does not patenting COVID-19 vaccines help third world countries?

Available in Hungarian

19 May 2021
In-depth analysis

by Zoltán Novák, Ph.D.

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working data centre
Data protection & cyber

Can employers ask to see COVID-19 Immunity Certificates?

19 May 2021

by Dániel Ódor, MRICS and Kinga Harza

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Detailed shot of multi-coloured modern architecture facade
Real estate & construction

Apartment renovations may become more complicated

Important changes brought by the recent amendment

13 May 2021

by Gábor Kőhidai

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