Ukraine has many of the components of a major European economy – a well-developed industrial base, rich farmlands, skilled labour force, and a good education-system. In its 25 years of independence, Ukraine has helped develop some of Europe's best-known companies, and attract high profile businesses from the US.

Growing sectors of the Ukrainian economy include the information technology market. Ukraine is ranked fourth in the world in number of certified IT professionals after the United States, India and Russia.

We provide our clients with local advice and insights, combined with an international outlook to maximise opportunities – whether you're a local business looking to expand, or an international company that wants to expand your operations in Ukraine or across the CEE region.

Our office is located in the heart of Kyiv, where we provide our national, European and multinational clients with full legal advice across Ukraine.  

Our office in Kyiv

Immigration & mobility

Frontiers - immigration update

22 February 2024

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Responsible business

Women's History Month and International Women's Day 2023

8 March 2023
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Legal and practical guide for people leaving Ukraine to Ireland

13 April 2022
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Legal and practical guide for people leaving Ukraine to Austria

8 April 2022

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